Engineering and Design

Our focus, into deploying extensive feasibility studies, is aided by a professional team of experience engineers whom have tackled some of the most successful projects in the sustainable energy sector in the region.


Following a list of services:

  • Conceptual Designs;
  • Hydrological Studies;
  • Engineering Geology Studies;
  • Topographical Surveys;
  • Seismic Studies;
  • ESIA and Public Consultations;
  • Business Plans;

Taking the next step from the feasibility studies, GR Albania offers detailed design services that can help you get your projects running through a carefully calculated approach.


Following a list of services:

  • Front End Engineering Design (FEED)
  • Calculation and Analyses;
  • Detailed Drawings;
  • Electrical Designs;
  • As-built drawings;

Optimization Studies

One of the key components of any project in renewable energy is the optimization of the current performance of the project to increase ROI and better utilize it. GR Albania provides optimization studies of your current project performance, especially for Hydropower, Wind Power and Photovoltaic Plants. Our review is generated by a professional team of engineers and compared to major international benchmarks.


Topographical Surveying – Arial Mapping with UAVs (Drones)

Autonomous drones have become the leading technology for creating topographic maps. Drones make it possible to capture various types of imagery across the light spectrum. We use RGB images in surveying, for estimating high-accurate surface models or 3D point clouds, and creating high-resolution up-to-date orthomosaics. UAVs(Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles) allow to collect detailed, accurate data for an entire job site, and save hours of work.




How does it work?

We use integrated solutions, taking automatically hundreds of pictures of a specified area. During processing similar points across multiple images will be identified. Using these similar points, the system constructs a three-dimensional point cloud, which is used to generate topographic maps, digital terrain models, meshes, and orthophotos that engineers rely on for design and build work.

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