Environmental Consulting and Monitoring

Environmental Consulting Services

  • ESIA, ESMP and Strategic Environmental Assessment;
  • Strategic and Socio-Economic Study;
  • Preparation and submission of environmental permits applications and licenses applications;
  • Consultancy on the revision procedure of an existing permit;
  • Technical and legal consultancy in selecting the best option for a project;
  • Waste management consultancy;
  • Rehabilitation plan of the exploited and contaminated areas;
  • Public Consultation Organization;
  • Stakeholders Engagement Plan and Grievance Mechanism;
  • Consultancy on the fulfillment/compliance of the Environmental Permit’s requirements;
  • Preparation of the Environmental Monitoring Reports, Feasibility Studies, Risk Assessment;
  • Identification of habitats and relevant flora based on IUCN;
  • Assessment of ecological waters conditions (rivers and lakes);
  • Health, Safety and Environmental Plan Preparation.

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

  • Analysis of the existing state of the natural environment, for environmental media (water, air, nature, soil)
  • Analysis of the existing state of the manmade environment (social, historical, economical), as well as relevant existing pressures.
  • Identifying and evaluating alternatives according to proposed environmental criteria.
  • Participating in the project development that has the least negative impacts on the environment and optimizing the selected alternatives.
  • Assessment of environmental impacts for the selected alternatives based on proven methodology.
  • Implementation of mitigation measures in order to further mitigate negative environmental impacts.

Technical Assistance and Environmental Policy Support

The company’s qualified staff includes all the engineering profiles, also part of organizational chart are chemists, social employees, human resources, lawyers and financial experts. The staff comprises more than 70 employees. GR-Albania has vast experience in Environmental Field in compliance with National and EU standards (as per client’s requirement).


The aim of Stakeholder Engagement Plan is to improve and facilitate decision making and create an atmosphere of understanding that actively involves project affected people and other stakeholders, and that these groups are provided the opportunity to present their opinions that may influence project decision. Community involvement is essential to developing of the projects that fully consider social, economic, environmental and other impacts and minimize the effects on the community and environment. Public consultation is also an important process for community, because they have opportunity to express the opinion regarding on the existing or new project.


Waste Management: During all these years’ experience GR Albania has realized many projects regarding waste management evaluating and proposing contemporary techniques and in accordance with European standards. Our objective is to provide the best waste management solution for waste-generating companies and for companies aiming its management. This management includes expertise for solid urban / industrial waste, as well as for liquid waste (wastewater, water drainage system, gray water etc).

Pollution Management

GR qualified staff consisting of engineers, experts, social workers etc. is in the service of the clients highly committed to fulfill their requirements and guarantee the quality of provided services. GR Albania has considerable experience in the following areas of activities:

  • Assessment and management of stationary and non-stationary pollution points in the air, soil, water, and ecosystems;
  • Technical proposal for the abatement of pollution in the environment;
  • The rehabilitation plan development of polluted areas;
  • Evaluation and investigation of toxic and hazardous pollutants.

Environmental Monitoring and Testing Laboratory

The success of our environmental services is highly supported by our in-house ISO Certified Environmental Laboratory. This is one of the first environmental testing laboratories in Albania, accredited since 2014. Our Laboratory offers its services in Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro and North Macedonia, for private clients and public institutions. We make sure to meet the latest standards through continuous training of our technical staff, investment in innovative technology, periodical calibration of the equipment, usage of reagents produced by certified companies and usage of certified reference material. This is what guarantees the impartiality and reliability of the results.


Our Services:

  • Sampling (water, soil, waste, air, stationary emissions);
  • Water analysis;
  • Waste analyses and classification;
  • Soil and sludge Testing;
  • Ecotoxicology service;
  • RoHS and REACH testing;
  • Scientific assessments and reviews;
  • Emission in air and air quality Testing;
  • Electromagnetic field evaluation;
  • Environmental quality monitoring (continuous and long-term);
  • Monitoring of Work Place Conditions
  • Monitoring of confined spaces;
  • Air pollutants monitoring (carcinogens/mutagens, asbestos etc.);
  • Monitoring of emissions into the environment (air, water and soil);
  • Environmental audit of the project’s implementation area;
  • Identification of sensitive points in order to prepare a plan of measurements, prevention and avoidance of potential impact;
  • Implementation of environmental permit conditions related to monitoring;
  • Monitoring plan preparation, including monitoring components, parameters and frequency.
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