Janjar & Mursi Irrigation scheme lies in the Municipalities of Konispol & Finiq covering an agricultural area of 5500ha. The municipalities are located in the southern edges of the country. The Janjar & Mursi irrigation scheme is composed of: i) Janjar Reservoir including the dam and 22km of main irrigation canal of Janjar; ii) Mursi […]

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The Supervision Consultant is charged to supervise the rehabilitation construction works and to follow the defects liability period of one year. The 11 irrigation dams show the following particularities: Murriz Dam (H 17 m, L 3,570 m, storage 66×106 m3, irr. area 420 km2) Kurjan, Dam (H 17 m, L 540 m, storage 31.5 x106 […]

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Much of the Irrigation and Drainage infrastructure in Albania is degraded due to years of neglect. The main weaknesses in I&D sector governance include: (i) poor I&D service delivery; (ii) poor condition of I&D infrastructure, with many canals and pumping stations no longer operational and many dams exhibiting safety concerns; and (iii) weak capacities of […]

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